What will be the rules to be observed in the hotel?

We at Hotel Jumbo care about your safety!
Leave your worries at home, pack your bags with a desire for the sea, relaxation and fun! We are waiting for you and have a completely safe holiday ready for you, but always in perfect Jumbo style!
True, we will have to stay DISTANTbut that won't stop us from making you feel as warm as ever!
Thanks to our large spaces just follow the few simple instructions you will find to keep the right distance of at least one metre.
Also remember to wear a mask in common areas.... Don't worry, you can still see the smile!

You can do the online check-inand avoiding the need for documents and paperwork.
We will ask you for your documents by e-mail before your arrival, so you only have to pick up the key at reception, which you will keep for your entire stay, and sign the privacy policy.
If you're not sure what to do, don't worry! In the hotel you will find various posters with the behaviours to be respected and all our staff will be ready to help you if you have any doubts. In addition, before your arrival we will send you an email with a summary of all useful information.
You can sanitise your hands at will: in the hotel's public areas you will find columns and dispensers with sanitising gel alcohol-based. We ask you to use it every time you enter the hotel, use the lift, enter the restaurant or take the stairs.
LLift can only be shared by people from the same family or occupying the same room. To protect everyone's health, we will clean common areas, furnishings and objects several times a day with appropriate detergents and a professional sanitiser, paying particular attention to the lift and handrails.
Rest easy and carefree: after each guest change the rooms will be treated with a professional sanitizer and with even more care than usual. All the linen comes from industrial laundries that have always sanitisation protocols and you will find sealed and bagged remote controls and keys.
We have always used disposable cleaning rags for cleaning furniture, sanitary ware and bathrooms, toilets and floors. Each piece of equipment is used for the individual room and then washed and sanitised. If you do not like the daily cleaning service, you will be provided with everything you need to proceed independently.
The maid can only clean the room if there are no people inside. Please put your clothes away neatly and do not leave anything on the bed.
And if you want to relax during the hottest hours of the day thanks to the free, individually controlled air conditioning, you can do so without any problems: the air conditioner is sanitised with specific products.
The hall RESTAURANT will be much more comfortable than usual, as the tables will respect the new safety distances and there will be fewer seats. Should it become necessary, in order to ensure interpersonal spacing, we will organise access at times to suit everyone's needs.
There will be routes with spacers and, unlike in previous years, our entire buffet will be fully served, thus guaranteeing the same quality and abundance as always.
Before entering you must disinfect your hands, as we are used to doing, and you must be equipped with a mask, which you can remove once you are seated at your table.
Our staff will assist you as always during meals, and even more than usual, they will pay attention to the cleaning and sanitation of the dining room.
Alternatively, as in previous years, you can take advantage of the lunch on the beach with our daily menu. Indeed, also for Summer 2021, you can have lunches and dinners on the beachcomfortably seated on the new outdoor tables, with the sounds of the sea in the background.
If you decide to go to an amusement park, such as Oltremare, Aquafan, Italia in Miniatura, Fiabilandia, Zoo Safari, Mirabilandia, with which we have a long-standing agreement, we will prepare a tasty packed lunch for you.
Our swimming pool, which we remind you is one of the largest and most spacious of the area, is open and waiting for you to alternate the fun of the beach with relaxation. In addition, chlorine has been scientifically proven to prevent the spread of the virus. However, we are keen to ensure that safety distances are respected, so we have decided to Quota revenuesThis ensures correct spacing both in the water and between the parasols and sun loungers in the solarium.
If, after a long swim in the sea, you want to enjoy reading on the sun loungers by the pool, you can do so safely because surfaces such as parasols, deckchairs or sunbeds will be disinfected at each guest change. Your children can also enjoy themselves on our waterslide without problems: will be sanitised several times per day with an atomiser of hydrogen peroxide solution.
At our partner beach you will have even more space and privacy because each parasol will be suitably spaced each other. And you'll be able to relax in the sun without a care in the world, as the umbrella, sunbeds and deckchairs will be disinfected after each guest change. Remember to wear your mask until you get under the parasol.
What's more, this year you can once again take advantage of the possibility of eating meals under a parasol. If you ask us to, we will be happy to prepare lunch and/or dinner with the menu of the day for you to take away. In addition, at Jumbo, you can do so while sitting comfortably on the new tables set up outside on the beach, accompanied by the relaxing sound of the sea in the background.
Fun is at home both in Romagna and at the Jumbo, so theANIMATION will be present, although it will take place in a different way and slightly smaller than in previous years, to avoid crowds and ensure interpersonal distancing.
Our staff will involve and entertain you with new games all in complete safety.
At the Hotel Jumbo in Rimini you can book your holiday without worries. We have decided to make it easier for you by modifying our cancellation policy and making it more elastic.
If you want to cancel, you can request a refund or voucher up to 7 days before your arrival. In addition, for bookings until 11 July no deposit will be required!

All about Hotel Jumbo we are committed and we will endeavour during your stay to ensure that you have a pleasant and pleasant, relaxing and safe holiday.


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