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Rimini and surroundings

The hinterland of Rimini is very interesting for excursions from many points of view: nature, culture, wine and food, and many more. Visiting this history-charged land will lead you to many discoveries and beautiful sceneries; emotional experiences that will transform into precious memories.


Many historical and cultural treasures can be admired in the town of Rimini. When you are walking along the streets of the centre you can still feel the ancient Roman atmoshere, looking at monuments like the triumphal arch “Arco d'Augusto”, the bridge “Ponte di Tiberio”, the amphitheatre and the “Domus del Chirurgo”, a Roman surgeon's house.

San Marino

San Marino is the oldest republic of the world. The tiny state, proud of its long-lasting independence, is completely surrounded by the Italian region of Romagna. The main town sits on top of a mountain, with a breathtaking panoramic view over the coast and the valleys of the inner country. Every year many people from all around the world visit its castles, museums and the many shops in the narrow streets.

San Leo

The town of San Leo, in the Marecchia valley about 25 km from Rimini, is characterized by its position upon a huge block of rock and a mighty fortress on the highest point. The place, accessible only by one single road cut into the rock, has witnessed many battles throughout the centuries and houses great architectural treasures. Visitors are gratified by an enchanting view that roams from the Apennine mountains over the Marecchia valley, all the way down to the Adriatic coast.


The old town of Gradara is situated in a dominant position on a hill at the border between the regions of Romagna and Marche. Its famous castle belonged to the Malatesta dynasty and is said to be the location of the legendary love story between Paolo and Francesca. Numerous cultural and gastronomic events are organized in this enchanting historical setting throughout the year.