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Fiabilandia in Rimini

The Jumbo Hotel in Rimini agreement with Fiabilandia, just 900 metres away from the park. A beautiful and fun theme park designed for the little ones, full of attractions and games inspired by the world of fairy tales, where you can spend unforgettable days of fun and happiness with your family.

Very often our kids lack the opportunities to get closer physically and consciously to the reality of nature. With the aim of contributing to the growth of men and women more alert to the world around them, Fiabilandia has always been sensitive to environmental issues; over the years he has actively collaborated with organizations such as WWF Italy, Europe Conservation, Ecolandia and has attempted to bring to the attention of thousands of visitors to environmental issues and natural wonders, otherwise unlikely to be proposed to such a large audience.

In addition, each year hundreds of schools and organized groups visit Fiabilandia to participate in our initiatives of the socio-cultural as, for example, the project RICICLIMPARANDO of 2000 or the day organized by UNICEF, or even the contests or drawings sponsored by HERA and AMIA, which took place in the past years. Fiabilandia has from time to time, taking care of with attention, the many species of plants and animals that make the Park a natural oasis.In and around the Lake Bernard, you can admire several examples of pelicans, ducks, geese and swans.

The commitment of the Park is aimed at recreating spaces as similar as possible to those of the origin of the animals, and to make them more discreet, and at the same time engaging the presence of the visitors. A little tip for all the young enthusiasts of ornithology: if you look between the branches of the trees you will see a series of nests that allow BATS, OWLS CHICKADEES, ROBINS and many others, to find a safe haven.