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Acquario di Cattolica - Aquarium Cattolica

The Hotel Jumbo Rimini an agreement with the Acquario di Cattolica, is located just 12 km from the aquarium. More than 100 display tanks. Sharks, Penguins, Turtles and Jellyfish are just a few of the many protagonists of this exciting journey. The blue route will show us the history of the planet and with it his biological evolution, reminding us through some of the tanks, the species still survived after millions of years, such as large Sharks considered to be today's living fossils.

Your visit will be a tour of the world below the water's surface, starting from the Mediterranean Sea through the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific and the Indian up to the beautiful and colorful coral reef of the Red Sea, populated by bodies and colorful.

Here all the tanks of the Aquarium must be observed with great attention, especially the smaller ones, which recreate in detail the different environments, full of life and mystery.
The Acquario di Cattolica then becomes not only a fascinating place where beauty shows the best of itself, but an environment of observation and knowledge, which allows man a greater contact with this world sometimes too far.