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Mirabilandia in Ravenna

The hotel Jumbo Rimini has an agreement with Mirabilandia theme park, is located just 48 km from the park. Mirabilandia is the biggest amusement park of Italy, located in Savio, between Ravenna and Cervia, near the Riviera of Romagna.
The park is one of the largest in Europe and offers attractions suited to larger children. The park boasts, among other things, the inverter coaster highest in Europe. It is divided into thematic areas that have specific attractions to satisfy the desire of fun and entertainment of everyone, from the biggest to the littlest one.

Take advantage of the convention of the Jumbo Hotel Mirabilandia: entrance to the Park for the CHILDREN FREE of charge until 30 June, for all of our customers. The Jumbo Hotel is a Partner of Mirabilandia!

We present all the advantages for Mirabilandia reserved to our guests:

  • From 2 April to 30 June: a free entry for a child (up to 10 years of age) for each individual ticket for the entire purchased.
  • From 1° July to 31 July (promo 2x1): a coupon valid for the withdrawal of a Special “pizza time” in a tribute (consisting of slice of pizza-French fries-soft drink of choice) for each Menu pizza time purchased from the coffers of local “PIZZA TIME” of the Park. The withdrawal of the special tribute will have to be contextual to the menu of payment. The coupon is available for our customers who purchase a ticket to the Park of Mirabilandia (whole or baby).
  • From 13 June to 31 July: a coupon valid for the purchase of the ticket supplement for Mira Beach (with access from the Parco di Mirabilandia) at the special rate of € 9.50 and is valid for 2 people.